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Are all Dance Studios the Same?

No, but at Adirondack Dance, we have:

  • Small Dance classes to nurture your dancer

  • Studios equipped with sprung marley flooring which helps reduce the risk of injuries and allows students to dance longer without getting tired.

  • Caring instructors, interested in bringing your dancer to their fullest potential

  • Teaches the Cecchetti method of dance which allows for different body abilities and shapes to perform to the best of their capability

  • Cecchetti trained & certified teachers instruct all ballet classes

  • Family Discounts

  • All students learn technique (how to perform the steps correctly, the meanings of the names of the steps and theory), not just steps learned for a recital with no knowledge of the technique.

  • Students progress when able to a system of Pointe training that is done in a knowledgeable and safe manner for each student.  Strengthening is done before Pointe is introduced and continues throughout the student's training.

  • Correct training in anatomy to facilitate turn out from the deep hip rotators, and not the knees and feet.

  • new and innovative ideas

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