Class Levels ...

Ages 3-5.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement and basic ballet steps.
Primary Ballet
Ages 5-6. Basic ballet technique with students eligible to take Primary through Standard 1 Cecchetti exam.

Beginner Ballet

Ages 6 to 8.  Expands on basics learned in the previous level, while adding more technical training.  Students are eligible to take Grade 1 - Standard 2 Cecchetti Exam.


Elementary Ballet with Pre-pointe
Ages 9- up. Ballet technique with  students eligible to take Cecchetti exams for Standard 2 through Standard 4. Emphasis on Pointe preparation & strengthening for ages 9 and above with two classes/ week required.

Intermediate Ballet with Beginner Pointe
Ages 11-12.  Ballet technique with students eligible to take Cecchetti exams Standard 4 through Standard 6.  Three classes/week required.

Advanced Ballet with Pointe
Ages 11-up. Advanced class with emphasis on performance & Technique.  Students eligible will take Cecchetti exams Standard 5  through Grade 7 Three classes/week required. Four classes/week recommended.

Advanced Ballet - Pre-professional division
Ages 12-up.  Pre-professional Class by invitation of the director. Three or more classes/week required for registered students. Students eligible for Grade 8 through Diploma. Four classes/week recommended.

Jazz for Tweens
Ages 8-11.  Basic technique with little or no prior training.

Ages 12 and up. More advanced technique.

Dance for Everyone!
Adaptive Dance for special needs children. 

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre training with emphasis on dance, song and acting.

Hip Hop



Dance for Boys

Technique class designed for male dancers or athletes who need conditioning and flexibility.